Wiosenne kursy - zmiana daty stratu

Ze względu na sytuację pandemiczną kursy ruszą 19 kwietnia.

Wiosenne kursy

Rejestracja startuje w czwartek 25 marca o 13:00

Kursy ruszają w 12 kwietnia :)


Solo Jazz Online

Solo Jazz można ćwiczyć i to w swoich ulubionych kapciach. Wszak nie musisz nawet wychodzić z domu!

Poziom kursu jest otwarty i w jego ramach znajdą coś dla siebie zarówno początkujący (mający jednak podstawy swingowe), jak i średniozaawansowani tancerze


Są kolorowe, wesołe i po prostu takie jak Jazz Like That!

Przygotowaliśmy gadżety, z którymi będziecie mieć naszą szkołę zawsze blisko siebie Do wyboru koszulki , plecaki oraz absolutnie niezbędne na treningach i imprezach - ręczniczki!

For beginners

We invite you to join our new Lindy Hop classes in English! This energetic, joyful and spontaneous couple dance is a great way to reduce stress and charge yourself with positive energy. There are 10 classes ahead of you, filled with dancing and smiling. We’re confident that after learning the basics, you will be hungry for more!

Do it! Jazz Like That



Each class lasts 73 minutes. During classes we usually switch partners but it’s not obligatory if you enroll with a partner. The most important for us is that you feel safe. We put all our efforts into ensuring that our rooms are clean and free of viruses.

Schedule for Let’s Start 1 group:

  • Each class: Monday, 7.30 pm
  • First class: 10th of May 2021
  • Last class: 5th of July 2021


The cost is flexible :) The price of a 10-classes course is between 300-400 PLN. 300 PLN is the minimal price. However, if it’s possible and you’re willing to support us in these hard times, we will highly appreciate every „zloty” more.

Due to recent events, our school's budget has been severely strained. Despite closing the school during lockdown periods, we still had to cover costs of renting the rooms. Number of participants dropped significantly due to high numbers of Coronavirus cases. Reopening the classes requires costly disinfection after each class.

Hence our kind request – if your wallet will not suffer too much, we will be grateful for any payment higher than the minimum amount.

Huge thanks for every act of generosity!



Fill in the form and we will contact you to confirm your place in the course. If you enroll with a partner, remember about filling in two forms.


Lindy Hop

If social dances and live music by traditional jazz bands is something that you enjoy and you can’t wait to go to a vintage themed party - Lindy Hop is a perfect choice for you! It’s all about fun and can be danced by absolutely anyone.

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